Over 70% of
independent contractors
overpay their taxes.

You’re amazing at what you do, but…

You’re not a tax expert and you
don’t want to be.

How you structure your business
makes a BIG difference.

You need tax advice from an expert
who is in your corner.

Firms charge expensive hourly
rates and focus on big business.

We focus on YOU, the independent contractor,
and your unique needs. We will save you money,
taxes & headaches. WE GUARANTEE IT!

Speak with one of our tax experts today.
Get the best tax advice for your business structure.

We will provide expert tax advice and review legal ways to reduce your taxes.

  • What Entity Structure To Use (C corp, S corp, LLC, Sole Prop, Trusts)
  • The Most Tax Efficient Way For You To Pull Money Out Of Your Company
  • How To Utilize Family Members To Reduce Your Taxes
  • Home Office Deduction for Self Employed
  • Special Tax Elections

We automatically download your
transactions each month.
You just send us your receipts.

We will process your payroll in a
tax-efficient way.

Your personal tax advisor will
maintain your records and
prepare monthly reports.

We file your quarterly and annual
business tax returns.

Serving clients in every state
across the country

Starting at $120 / Month

Independent Contractor Tax Advisors LLC is the leader in tax reduction strategies for independent contractors and freelancers. Copyright © 2014
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  • Personalized Strategy For Your Business
  • Full-Service Bookkeeping
  • Filing of Receipts
  • Payroll
  • Quarterly Tax Prep
  • Annual Tax Prep
  • Quarterly Tax Checkup
  • Audit Support
  • Easy Transfer of Records
  • 5-star Client Support

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As always, if you have any questions, please call or email. We are very excited to develop your strategy!

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